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Fazendas Dutra is comprised of eight farms all of which belong to members of the Dutra family. Together, the farms occupy more than 700 hectares of prime coffee growing land nestled with 300 hectares of native preserved areas in the green hills of the Sao Joao do Manhuaçu district in the spectacular coffee-producing state of Minas Gerais.

The Dutra family have a strong respect for nature and have thus planted “green curtains” which protect against strong winds and provide an eco-friendly and natural control against pests. The brothers also focus on the preservation of local water supplies and carefully manage the water used in their Fully-Washed and Semi-Washed processing.

The farm, as well, recycles coffee waste to be used as fertilizer for the plantation, and all plastic waste on the farm is recycled.

Catuai, Vermeiho

1000  masl


Minas Gerais

Long smooth aftertaste, sweet & chocolate

Espresso roast