Costa Rica Hacienda COPEY

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“Coffee growing is very common in Los Santos and it has been passed to me by my family over the years. I was born on November 19th, 1963, at which time my father and my grandparents were growing coffee. As a child, I helped my father in his dairy and coffee fields, while studying at the same time. At age 15, I began to work on my own, planting coffee nurseries. In 1987, I went to work in the US and when I returned to Costa Rica I invested in coffee production by purchasing land, little
by little. It was not until 2015 that I had enough volume to process my own coffee and building a greenhouse.

Needless to say that Jorge with his 72 years of age is a crazy passionate guy that knows the secrets of producing the best coffees. Mathias, his son, is following with great awe and respect his father.
Each year the fazenda Copey is in Cup Of Excellence with very high scores. They also experiment with other processings such as yellow honey, black honey, anaerobics and thermal fermentation.

Clean with full body. Hazelnut and cocoa taste with beautiful mandarin notes.

Red Catuai, Natural

1765 masl 

Hasienda Copey, San José, Costa Rica