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Sidamo Bona Gebeyew is grown near the town of Bona Zuria in a red-clay soil at 2080 meters above the sea level. After being carefully washed, the beans layed to dry on African beds in direct sunlight for 14 to 18 days. This results in a complex and layered coffee.

The washing station of Gebeyew Gelesa is now 4 years in production. With 10 people working there and a processing site of 4 Ha it’s in Ethiopia a rather small washing station.

Gelesa is a very passionate man and proud of the area he lives. He told  that 10 years ago the area of Sidama had the reputation of having lower coffee qualities. This was because most of the coffee grew on lower altitudes because higher than 1900 MASL the coffee plants would die due to the cold. Now with the global warming, Sidama also have coffees growing in altitudes up to 2200 MASL which also results in more interesting profiles such as this coffee.

74-1-58 / 74-1-65

Fully Washed

2080 masl

Sidama Region, Becha Kebele, Bona Zuria Town