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The station’s name may be inspired by the abundance of cattle in the region, but Masha Washing Station knows coffee. Over 2,000 farmers deliver their cherry to the station and thanks to excellent quality control on farms and at the station, the resulting coffee is juicy, clean and full-bodied. 

Masha station was built in 1989. Masha station shares its name with the sub-hill upon which it stands. The sub-hill is actually more famous for its cattle than its coffee. The name Masha comes from the Kirundi word “amasho”, meaning “herds of cattle”. The sub-hill has been a crossroad for many herds in the region. Many of the local herders greet each other with a unique phrase only used in this region. They say, “gira amasho”, which means “owner of cows”.


Red Bourbon



Caramel, plum, red grape

Masha Washing Station, Kayanza, Burundi

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