NICARAGUA Finca Los Pirineos

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In 1965, Eudoro Guillen, father of the owner, bought the farm. It is in 2009 that
Eudoro Guillen Jr. inherited the farm with the intention to increase the quality
of the cherries by working closely with agro-engineers (experimentation with new
varieties as well as with longer fermentation periods).

The farm, located in Dipilto, Is bordering a river and mountains creating a micro-climate with an important impact on the quality of the coffee. The farm grows a variety of speciality coffee including Caturra, Catuai and Maracaturra. In 2018, Finca Los Pirineos was placed between the winner of the renowed Cup of Excellence competition of Nicara-
gua and in 2021, the finca achieved the 3rd place with the presidential score

ALTITUDE:1250 - 1450
OWNER: Eudoro Guillen Jr
REGION: Dipilto, Nueva Segovia

TASTING NOTES: Full body, medium acidity, sweet, cane sugar, caramel,
taste like cookie